The Uber VIP Armor Suit is an armor from the Survivability category granted upon purchasing the Uber VIP. The armor simply grants the player more health overall when compared to the Bulletproof Vest.


The armor is rather tactical in appearance, with various ammo pouches on the vest which has a zipper down the middle and the word "ÜBER" written on the upper let of the vest. The shoulderpads are different in design when compared to other armors and the arms have a unique armor design. The armor lacks the distinctive waist plate other armors tend to have and in its place there is a belt.

The lower legs have straps that support a few ammo pouches and a (unusable) holstered pistol and is wearing armored boots that are different in design.


The Uber VIP Armor Suit's default health is 1300 HP or 1463 HP with all the VIPs that increase total health. With no changes to walkspeed, the armor is essentially a straight upgrade from the Bulletproof Vest.

Though unrelated to the stats of the armor, the fact that it appears to be more armored may cause players to use explosives more often.


  • The model, animation an design is made by JimmyLJX
    • The overall style of the armor is akin to SWAT armor.
  • The Uber VIP Armor Suit is the only VIP armor to have "VIP" in its name
  • Uber's definition is "denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing". Ironically, the armor is anything but outstanding considering it only grants an additional 300 HP compared to the Bulletproof Vest. Which for all intents and purposes while nice is anything but uber.
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