To see the other weapons similar to the Uber Chaingun, see the Dual Chaingun, Dual Chaingun-G or Dual Chaingun-Flame.

The Uber Chaingun is a weapon granted upon purchasing the Uber VIP. The Uber Chaingun is essentially a Dual Chaingun with a higher rate of fire and substantially larger ammo storage.


Note: This histotry is entirely fictional

The X06 Chaingun is a weapon manufactured by Xercephron-LJX Industries and served as a proof of concept for a portable chaingun. The weapon proved to be rather unreliable due to a low rate of fire but the weapon was light enough that one can hold two in each hand. While this meant accuracy was non-existent, this would give the user unmatched automatic close quarter firepower. The weapon is also the predacesor of the X06 Minigun

General Information

The Uber Chaingun is eseentially a Dual Chaingun with a higher fire rate of 800 RPM as opposed to Dual Chaingun's 700 RPM. The initial rate of fire for the Uber Chaingun is much higher at 400 RPM as opposed to the Dual Chaingun's initial rate of fire of 175 RPM. Though this is hampered somewhat as the Uber Chaingun takes an additional second to achieve maximum rate of fire. The total ammo storage is also increase greatly as the Uber Chaingun has 1000 rounds in storage as opoosed to only 400 for the Dual Chaingun.

The rest of the statistics are the same.


  • The model and animation is made by JimmyLJX
    • The firing animation though was initially made by VotexAbrams951
  • The Dual Chaingun is technically a bullpup weapon as its mode of operation is behind the weapon's trigger.
  • Unlike the other dual chainguns, the Uber Chaingun lacks the barrel shroud.
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