The Swimsuit Armor is an armor unlocked at 1000 Battlescore from the Mobility armor slot. The armor sacrifices overall health for a dramatic increase in swimming speed, and 100% water resistance.


The Swimsuit Armor is simply a bulletproof vest with a navy blue colored swimming suit underneath, and a blue marking.


The Swimsuit Armor does not do much, as it simply decrease your health to 667 or to 750 health if one has the various VIPs that increase overall health. As the name inplies, it increases your swimming speed to 32. The armor also grants the user 100% water resistance, allowing staying in water indefinitely.

The general usefulness of the armor is rather questionable as it is next to useless in majority of situations. As it exists to fill a niche that is rarely used (safely swimming to fortified islands/bypassing rivers on The Peak).


  • The Swimsuit Armor is modeled, designed and animated by JimmyLJX
  • The Swimsuit Armor is argueably the most useless thing in the game due to the very niche role it serves.
    • This likely still exists because of the fact that it is simply a relic of the older days of Base Wars, when its niche likely still was relevant in the meta back then.
    • It's fun enough if you want to play Special Forces or the like, but, really...
  • The vest and backpack shares the same model that the Bulletproof Vest and Assassin Armor have, bar some minor changes.
  • The Swimsuit Armor's health used to be bugged that it had less health than what the selection screen had implied. This was fixed at some point.
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