The Light Armor Suit is an armor from the Mobility category granted upon purchasing the Extreme VIP. The armor is a comprimise between overall health and walkspeed.


The armor consists of the same ballistic vest seen on the Bulletproof Vest, with additional armor on the lower arms and legs, as well as pelvis. The boots of the armor are the same ones seen on the Uber VIP Armor Suit.


The Light Armor Suit's default health is a modest 850 HP which is relatively low when compared to other armors though the total health is still more than the other two mobility armor options. With VIPs however, the total health increases to 956 HP, which is just 44 HP shy of the Bulletproof Vest.

The Light Armor Suit's walkspeed is relatively high at 20 Walkspeed. While only 4 Walkspeed slower than the Assassin Armor, the fact that the Light Armor Suit's default health is significantly higher and even more with additional VIPs makes the Light Armor Suit a worthy alternative. Although because it is part of the Extreme VIP which is a rather expensive VIP, it isn't used much due to this.

The vest can allow users to at least emulate the speed of an Assassin Armor user, while being able to take more damage and survive, especially from explosives, as splash damage is far less of a concern with


  • The model, animations and design was made by JimmyLJX.
  • Oddly enough, despite providing more coverage than the BPV, it has higher movement while giving less defense.
    • There is a material that one can construct ballistic armor out of called UHMWPE. This material, while able to float(!) is vulnerable to bullets with harder cores, and needs to be thicker to provide the same protection. It could be that all the armor plates are made of it, and the armor provides so much coverage to give the overall amount of protection, while keeping weight down.
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