The FN FAL is a weapon unlocked at 10000 Battlescore. A mid game weapon in the AR and Carbine Category, it is the earliest high powered weapon one can unlock and one of the most accurate weapons in it's class. Only held back by it single shot nature.


The FN FAL was made during the Cold War and was popular among countries during that era, despite it being replaced in service in most countries, the FN FAL has been known as "The Right arm of the free world." The weapon fires the 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition.

General Infomation

The FN FAL's damage is high, doing 250 damage within 300m before dropping to 150 damage at 400m and beyond, this extremely high range allows the weapon to do a surprising amount of damage from a distance, especially with headshots.

However, the weapon unlike other assault rifles is locked into semi-automatic though it has a generous fire rate cap of 625 RPM which is comparable to the SCAR-H. Even still, accuarcy is paramount in order to effectively use the weapon especially with a rather small magazine of only 20 rounds and with the one of the worst hipfire accuracy among assault rifles.

The FN FAL comes equiped with an underbarrel pump shotgun that can be quickly switched to by pressing Q. The underbarrel pump shotgun does very high damage per shot with tight accuracy but can only be fired every few seconds.


  • The model is made by VotexAbrams951 and is animated by JimmyLJX.
    • The FN FAL's model in game is based on the C1A1 Self Loading Rifle, a Canadian made FN FAL. Though in black furniture instead of wood.
      • The weapon's single fire mode and underbarrel shotgun are also based on the CAMRs used by Buck from Rainbox Six Siege. The Firing sound is also from said game abliet in a higher pitch.
      • The firing sound was later changed.
  • The FN FAL is the only semi-automatic weapon in the Assault Rifles and Carbines Category and one of three semi-automatic rifles, with the others being the M1 Garand and Gewehr 43.
  • Its unknown why the FN FAL has such an absurd range.
  • The FN FAL in real life has a select fire function that would allow it to fire in fully automatic mode at 700 RPM, though the one in game is locked to single fire only.
    • If allowed to be fired in fully automatic mode, it could rival the BW AR-X in DPS.
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