The Bulletproof Vest serves as the starter armor, as it costs 0 Battlescore and does not require any gamepasses. Being the starter armor, it does not offer much protection compared to other armors though it has a small amount of bullet resistance


The armor is simply a Bulletproof Vest with shoulder pads and a backpack. The marking at the top of the vest and the details on the torso is dark green/yellow/blue/red in color, based on the team the wearer belongs to.


For being an armor unlocked by default, it provides a generous amount of health of 1000 HP which with various VIPs can increase the health to 1125. The armor also moves at full walkspeed of 16.

The Bulletproof Vest provides a small amount of bullet resistance of only 10%. This 10% however is rather significant in some ways, in particular on average increasing the number of shots to kill by 1. Some weapons that usually instant bodyshot kill the player such as the R700 and M82A1 would no longer be able to do so and would require a headshot to effectively do so.


  • The Bulletproof Vest is modeled, design and animated by JimmyLJX.
    • The vest's model is reused for the Assassin Armor and the Swimsuit Armor with different colors for the marking at the top of the vest, besides the shoulderpads, which are absent for Swimsuit Armor, and smaller for Assassin Armor. The darker colored detailing on the Bulletproof vest is replaced with the same color as the vest for Assassin armor.
  • Originally, the armor provided no additional bullet resistance despite the name, in a later update a small amount of bullet resistance is given to the armor to indirectly nerf the Anti-Explode Armor Suit.
  • The red coloration (enemy team) is lighter than the rest of the enemy team coloration armor palettes.
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