To see the armor related to the Basic Armor Suit, see the Shielded Armor Suit.

The Basic Armor Suit is an armor unlocked at 5000 Battlescore from the Survivability armor slot. The armor serves to increase overall health at the cost of walkspeed.


The Basic Armor Suit is a modified bomb suit that is armored all round with thick visible armor pieces, the arms are slightly more armored with visible pieces covering the shoulder and lower arms. The torso area has a thick armored plate in the front with (unuseable) ammo pouches on the lower half and a backpack with more visible ammo pouches

Around the leg waist, there is two large armor plates covering the front and back and has another ammo pouch on the right and a backup pistol holstered on the left. The legs have additional armor covering the shins and feet.


The Basic Armor Suit's default health is 1800 HP, and while a simple 800 HP increase over the Bulletproof Vest may not sound like much, the increased health will on average allow the player to take 3-6 more bodyshots, or 1-2 extra headshots. This gives you a significant buffer and lets you react slower. The increase health can be further increased with VIPs to an respectable 2025 HP, giving them even more survivability and can even shrug off a headshot from certain sniper rifles.

The increased health however comes at the cost of only walking at 10 Walkspeed, this alone hinders the player's agility quite noticable especially if one was too used to the Assassin Armor's increased walkspeed. This slower walkspeed makes the player much vulnerable to faster players and makes them an easy target for rocket launchers as they are too slow to avoid them.


  • Deceptive Bulk; Let's say you face down an M16 at close range. It deals 150 damage and you have 1800 health. You will die in 12 hits, a BPV, with it's 1100 effective health, dies in 8. It's a difference of four hits. Additionally, with your slower speed, dodging rounds is harder, thus you're more likely to take a hit in the first place!
  • Splatterproof; Most rocket launchers deal 750 maximum splash damage. While the Shielded Armour Suit will die in two splashes, the BAS dies in three. Make use of this, jump and move to shake the enemy's aim.
  • Bunker Down; This armour serves excellently in static positions. It's hard to kill with splash damage and tougher to kill with bullets.
  • Bullet Bouncer; With 1800 health, you can soak a blast of buckshot quite reliably. With some automatic and semi shotguns, you can take two, or even three! In addition, no sniper rifle in the game can bodyshot you, even Rifle-X!


  • The Basic Armor Suit is modeled, designed and animated by JimmyLJX
    • The Basic Armor Suit is inspired by the Juggernaut Suit from the Call of Duty series, in particular the one from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3..
    • The holstered pistol's model is minimally detailed due to the fact it is unusable.
      • Based on the overall shape of the model, the pistol may be a Glock 17.
  • The armor is often overlooked due to its cumbersome walkspeed.
  • Indeed, until recently, the Shielded Armour Suit was a straight upgrade, with the same health and movespeed.
  • While the amount of ammo pouches is staggering, they do not increase total ammo in any way.
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