The Assassin Armor is an armor unlocked at 5000 Battlescore, and is located in the Mobility armor category. The armor gives users a substantial increase in walkspeed at the cost of health.


The armor shares the same appearance as the Bulletproof Vest, though the marking at the top of the vest is white in color, and the detailing at the lower part of the torso is the same color as the vest.

General Information

The Assassin Armor's total health is far lower than every other armor option, at 667 or 750 with various VIPs. This makes getting killed much easier when compared to other armors, although while using the armor, the user will move faster than any other armor, at 24 walkspeed, which is 50% faster than the Bulletproof armor. A good choice for run and gun playstyles.

The substantial increase in speed allows players to outmaneuver less mobile players, and cover walking distances much faster, as well as reach places before other players could. The walkspeed can further be increased to 36 with the aid of the Speed Potion. However, doing so will make the player even more vulnerable, as the user will recieve double the damage while using the speed potion, at ~333 effective health.


  • The model and animation is made by JimmyLJX
  • The Assassin armor once was able to swim in the water without recieving damage, but this was removed for unknown reasons, likely to make Swimsuit armor more useful.
    • The armor also used to be faster overall, but was nerfed later on in the game's history.
  • Assassin armor is by far the most used armor among more skilled players, who take advantage of its increased speed over other armors.
    • Assassin armor is somewhat considered the best armor in the game due to its speed alone.
    • The armor IS more vulnerable to high damage and explosive weapons, however.
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