The Anti-Explode Armor Suit is an armor unlocked at 2000 Battlescore from the Survivability armor option. A direct upgrade from the Bulletproof Vest, the armor provides a great amount of resistance to explosive with no downsides, especially compared to the Bulletproof armor..


The Anti-Explode Armor Suit has the appearance of an EOD bomb suit with some additional armor on the shins and arms.


The statistics of the armor is identical to the Bulletproof Vest but has very high resistance to explosives, up to 90% resistance from both direct hits and splash damage, making it very effective at countering explosives. Vehicles however, pack more of a punch, and as such, the armor can only resist 50% of all incoming vehicle explosive damage, including splash damage.

The Battle Tank and Artillery, on the other hand, pack even more punch, as the armor can only resist up to 25% of the explosive damage from them, and is has no resistance from vehicle AP rounds and will take full damage.


  • The model, design and animation is made by JimmyLJX.
  • In real life, such a suit is very heavy and mobility is rather restricted. Ingame, players walk as fast as players wearing the Bulletproof Vest.
  • The Anti-Explode Armor Suit is by far the most popular and common armor among players in Base Wars as the armor has great upsides for no downsides, and is a rather cheap unlock. In short, since it's more or less just the bulletproof vest with resistances added, there's no reason to use the bulletproof vest over this.
    • Recently, as the suit has a visual overlay of goggles now, obscuring a bit of vision, and the Vest getting a 10% bullet damage reduction, the vest can take... One more hit. Still terrible though. You're much more likely to get shot at by launchers and vehicles.
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